Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Letter Gratitude After a Business Tip Overseas

12 August 2004

5 Place Dellile
63000 Clermont Ferrand

Dear Messrs,

Having been guided on a tour of your St. Petersburg plant by Mr. Kingsley, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with your operations and personnel. I don't believe I have ever viewed a more efficient, smooth running, and cost efficient program such as yours. I was particularly impressed with the procedure you have implemented to monitor quality control.

All of your employees were extremely courteous and went out of their way to explain various functions and answer my inquiries. I would be most appreciative if you would extend a special thank you from me to Mr. Kingsley, for showing me every courtesy, including a delightful lunch at the Boar's Club.

I shall be presenting my findings to my associates on the 30th, and will let you know what develops.

Truly yours,


George Oscars
General Manager

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